Preston Reflo Sinking Feeder Mono

Preston Reflo Sinking Feeder Mono

Preston Reflo Power Max

Soft & supple, distance casting monofilament
Ideal line for feeder and waggler fishing
High abrasion resistance
Superb knot strength
Made in Japan
Spool Size: 150m
In stock
Preston Reflo Power Max
Preston is a brand which has long been committed to the design and manufacture of top end tackle for coarse and match anglers across the country. Established in the 1980s, the brand has built a stalwart reputation for quality products designed with purpose – and this Reflo Power Max monofilament fishing line is no different. Described as an advanced reel line and boasting high-quality Japanese manufacture, the Reflo Power Max has received rave reviews from anglers across the coarse and match fishing discipline and for many it has become the go-to line for all-round match angling.

The first thing you’ll notice about this top quality line is how incredibly soft and supple it is. This ensures that you’re able to manipulate it with precision, achieving flawless line lay when used in conjunction with a top quality reel. The line has also been designed with distance casting in mind, enabling you to punch out your rig to those far-flung features. If you’re a fan of feeder fishing and waggler fishing then you’ll love this Preston Reflo Power Max line. It has been proven to offer incredible accuracy and sensitivity with these fishing tactics, allowing you to cast out with precision and feel every little nudge on your terminal tackle. Whether you’re fishing in an intensive match fishing scenario or you’re simply coarse fishing for pleasure, the last thing you want to do is to miss vital indications which could impact on your future fishing tactics. This line ensures that you can read the situation under the water as if it was being streamed on a screen in front of you, helping you to maximise your abilities and make the most out of a huge range of scenarios that you might encounter as a dedicated match angler.

Another stalwart feature of this high-end line is its superb knot strength. This allows you to create rigs with confidence, as it is a grippy line which will hold its knots perfectly. This is in combination with the fact that it is an incredibly abrasion resistant line. Abrasion resistance is vital in top quality line, as the last thing you want is for friction from your line guides or other day to day fishing activities to cause weak spots or nicks in your line. Line that has sustained abrasion damage is never going to be as reliable as fresh line and using a line which is susceptible to this kind of damage is practically asking for lost fish and missed opportunities. You don’t have to worry about a weakened line losing you a fish when you use Preston Reflo Power Max!

The Preston Reflo Power Max is available on 150m spools, making it outstanding value for money, too. It comes in six different breaking strains, ensuring that you can always choose the perfect fishing line for your needs. The lightest breaking strain is 3lbs and this is ideal for your lightweight match angling, when a delicate setup and high sensitivity is a must. The strains increase pound by pound up to 6lbs. This is the perfect intermediate line for most general waggler and feeder activities. The strains then jump to 8lbs and, finally, 10lbs. These heavier lines are ideal when you’re targeting larger fish and they are perfect for your heavy-going coarse and match angling.

Preston’s reputation for quality products designed with purpose combined with Japan’s high standards of fishing line production ensures that this is one line which allows you to make the most of every angling scenarios out there. If you’re looking for a top quality line which allows you to target the water to the best of your abilities, particularly when feeder and waggler fishing, then you cannot go wrong with the Preston Reflo Power Max – a high power line for a high power angler.
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