Korda Zig Kit - Medium

Korda Zig Kit - Medium

Korda Zigs

Zig rigs are for presenting an ultra-buoyant hook-bait mid-water
Check depth before selecting length of zig rig
To help prevent tangles use PVA rig foam
Use foam hook-baits supplied
Attach via kwik-link or loop-to-loop attachment
Use with a lead clip or drop-off inline lead set-up

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Korda Zigs
This range of ready-tied zigs allows you to use rigs that are every bit as good as the ones used by the UK’s top anglers. They’ve been tied to exacting standards with proven Korda terminal tackle. The Mixa hook pattern has been chosen in size-10 because it offers huge gape and hypodermic sharpness and they’re tied to a special 8lb zig hook link mono that has been tinted for camouflage.

The range comprises 6ft, 8ft, 10ft and 12ft pre-tied zigs, which are supplied on handy EVA spools. Each spool comes complete with three ready-tied zigs, which can be cut to size, depending on how deep you want to fish! When your session is over, you can simply wind the zigs back onto the spools for storage.

Each spool holds three different coloured hook baits too, which come free of charge! Barbed and barbless versions are available.
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